Best Stones & Crystals For Good Luck: Gems To Attract Money, & Success

Best Stones & Crystals For Good Luck: Gems To Attract Money, and Success: Almost every natural mineral has supernatural abilities that have a positive effect on its owner. Belief in the magical properties of precious stones dates back to Babylonian times. They were used as talismans and amulets in astrological and medical practices. The stones protected people from dangers, eliminated the effects of poison, and cured serious diseases.

Stone/Crystals For Good Luck, Money, and Success

To this day, a collection of lapidary has been preserved, containing descriptions of stones, their attributes, symbolism, and the action that should be expected when worn. Hindu Vedic medicine uses the connection of minerals with the planets, the sun, and the moon. Because each stone has its own energy, it can be used for many purposes – inspiration, energy, positivity, and even increase income.

The first stone of luck is Amethyst

Purple amethyst (translated from Greek – sober) – a kind of quartz. It is a rock crystal painted with the tears of the god Dionysus. There is a legend that Dionysus fell in love with a forest nymph named Amethyst. However, the girl trusted her heart to the shepherd. He angered the God of wine, who decided to disgrace the nymph. She was saved from this unfortunate fate by the goddess of hunting Artemis, turning Amethyst into a statue of crystal quartz, the color of forest violets.

9.51 carats amethyst

The color of this semi-precious stone compares to slopped wine. It was believed that it protects the owner from drunkenness. To survive the endless series of holidays and solemn holidays, the Romans often wore amethyst rings. This type of jewelry was also allegedly chosen by Cleopatra, who asked to engrave on the wedding ring the inscription Methe – the name of the goddess of drunkenness, included in the retinue of Dionysus. Also, She acknowledged that amethyst guards her not only from alcohol inebriety but also from all kinds of drunkenness of the mind and from relying on the wrong people.

Turquoise is the second stone that brings good luck

Turquoise was extremely popular in ancient Egypt. She was loved in the Middle Ages. It came to Europe through Turkey, reaching France, wherein the XIII century, and received its name. In Persia, armor, sabers, maces, and even ceremonial rows of horses were richly decorated with turquoise. It was believed that this stone of happiness, success, and luck of riders.

Pliny repeatedly wrote about turquoise, calling it a calla lily of the valley, a beautiful gem in Greek. A Roman scholar attributed it to Indian origins. He claimed that turquoise was similar to sapphires, but had a brighter color, similar to water, near the sea.

Turquoise Healing Properties

Philosopher Albert the Great wrote in the 12th century that turquoise protects the owner from dangerous accidents. Changing its color, namely – a pale hue warns the owner of disease or threat to his life.

What other gems to wear for good luck?

  • Lapis lazuli has an unusual shade of blue. Marco Polo also mentioned it in 1271 in reports of his expeditions. The name of the mineral is a combination of Latin-Persian words and meanings. Lapis in Latin – “stone”, lazhuward – blue. The Greeks and Romans gave lazurite as a reward for courage. The Egyptians used it in large quantities in religious ceremonies. Along with carnelian and turquoise, it belonged to the trilogy of flowers, which is often repeated in Egyptian ornaments. He symbolized the power of the revival of the Nile.
  • Topaz is translated from Greek as search. Its name comes from the Egyptian island of Topazos in the Red Sea, which is now called Zabargad or the island of St. John. Ancient people believed that it was effective for headaches, cardiovascular disease, varicose veins, impotence. Astrologers considered topazes to be the stones of youth because they delayed the aging process, revitalized the mind, and helped intelligence and concentration. It was believed that their light came from the sun, directly from the gods. In the Bible, topaz is found in many books, most often where the values ​​of divine qualities are compared with the treasures of the earth, the wisdom of God can not be compared even with topaz from Ethiopia – Book of Job 28, 19). Topaz crystals stimulate the power and flow of money from the owner of the jewelry. Through his connection with the Sun, he makes his master a leader, keeping him on the bright side of power. This increases the likelihood of money multiplying.
  • Emerald is one of the precious stones that fill their eyes, causing a feeling of satiety. From the ancient Greek emerald-green stone. It was mined in Upper Egypt from about 3000 BC. It was often found in Egyptian tombs, as well as in Rome – in Pompeii and Herculaneum. According to the information contained in the Book of Pseudo-Aristotelian stones, emerald is useful in combating poisons, cures eye diseases. When worn around the neck or ring, it protects the wearer from epilepsy. Emerald green symbolized nature, guaranteed a good mood, and protected from betrayal. The ancient Romans associated its color with love and attributed it to the goddess Venus.

Stones/Gems to attract money, good luck, Success

The tiger’s eye is one of the most powerful gems in the world. It removes all negative energies from the mind and helps you focus on the best aspects of life. It is used mainly to eliminate fear and anxiety. Helps in transformation, including money issues.

Malachite is a gorgeous dark green stone that concerns all the chakras of the human body. It helps you succeed by making better financial decisions.

Jade is a crystal that has healing properties. Wearing it regularly helps to remove all the boundaries and restrictions you have imposed, gives you the courage to take risks and learn more. For many years it was used as a crystal of happiness.

Citrine is liable for bringing positivity & joy to life. It also brings success and financial improvement, increases and stimulates moral and intellectual strength.

Ruby increases the vitality of the body and mind. It is popular among businessmen and gamblers because of its ability to attract good luck in risky investments.

Green aventurine is known as a second chance. It helps to recover lost money. Wearing it helps to open up new opportunities for prosperity, even with temporary problems.

Now you know the stones that bring good luck, wealth, and love. Products from some of them are presented in the catalog of the Silvers online store. Choose, buy, wear, get the results you want and improve your life.

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