What is Green Agate? Properties and Benefits

As it is known, Agate stone, also known as Agat, is a stone with many colors and subspecies. Green Agate is also a type of this stone. Not to be confused with mossy agate. Also, This agate stone is translucent or opaque, sometimes with veins, sometimes without veins.

Green Agate Properties

Green Agate is a precious stone that has its own characteristics as well as carrying the characteristics of Agate in general. It balances the aura by eliminating negative energies or turning them into positive ones.

This Green agate is a stone with cognitive & spiritual benefits. Also, This agate stone makes the mind relaxed and precise, as well as boosts the decision-making mechanism. The person has the capability to resolve disagreements with positive energy. Although This stone has a balancing characteristic for all chakras, it is most sufficient for the heart chakra with its green color. Also, Read – A Beautiful Way to Rebrand Afghanistan

For more details on Agate stone, you can refer to our article on Agate stone and its Benefits.

Green Agate Benefits

  • Agate is a healing stone in general.
  • This Green agate is exceptionally useful in mental also spiritual disorders,
  • Good for insomnia
  • It is good against stress,
  • This stone helps the growth of our mental power also logic power,
  • This stone enables the decision-making technique by boosting the decision-making mechanism,
  • Vascular protection also boosting effects have been determined.
  • It is beneficial for teeth and bones,
  • Protects against the evil eye
  • It has beneficial effects on maternal and infant health throughout pregnancy,
  • Regulates blood circulation,
  • Balances blood pressure,
  • The Stone has a protective impact on the person who has it.

Chakras, Colour, and Places of Extraction

Hardness  6.5 – 7
Specific weight 2.57 – 2.65
Group & Chemical Formula SiO² + Al, Ca, Fe, Mg, Mn. and Silicate
Colour Green – translucent, opaque
Places of Extraction India, China, and the United States
chakras Heart

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